Student Testimonials

Students share what they like about our school.


I have never met more caring teachers and learned in such a welcoming and supportive environment.  Father Don has given me so many opportunities to better myself.  Thank you!


My experience at Fr Don made me feel like I was important, not just someone walking the halls like at my old school.  Mr. Colombe played a huge role in my success through encouraging and supporting me.

Melissa- Reengagement  Ajax

My experience at Father Donald MacLellan Catholic Secondary School was great.   The teachers are very supportive and understanding.  They realize that high school can be hard and people have challenges to overcome.  They help you and give you the necessary skills to succeed and meet your academic goals. 

Owen - Reconnect, Reengagement, Ajax

Father Don has helped me accelerate my credit count.  If I had never attended this school I would not have the tools I need to find a career.

Micah - Re-engagement, Ajax

Before I came to Father Don, I was thinking of dropping out. High school had too many distractions. This year, I've added more to my schedule and can stay at school longer which is something I thought might not be possible. With the help of Mrs. Pereira, I will be  able to complete credits and earn a high school diploma.

Dylan - Re-engagement Oshawa

I found that Father Don provided me with the opportunity to work at my own pace and I have a lot of one on one assistance with my teacher which helps a lot.   And when I'm hungry, there's always food to eat! 

Akram -  Centre for Success, Re-engagement, Ajax

Father Don has always supported me, even when I wanted to give up.  They have been very understanding because I work full time and am also trying to graduate.  The teachers there push me to do even better.  

Megan -  Reconnect, Re-engagement, Ajax

Father Don has supported me greatly and has opened doors for me. My teachers have had a positive impact on me and on my education.  If I had not come here I don't think I would have had success in terms of getting my credits and where I want to be in the future.

Abiramy - Centre for Success, Reengagement Ajax

 Father Donald MacLellan school has helped me get back on track with achieving my credits. The staff and students here at Fr Don play a positive role in my success because they all make everyone feel very welcomed!

Cheyenne - Reengagement Ajax

The staff here are very friendly and supportive.  They always want to help and encourage students.  The flexibility of the schedule and independence here is also helpful.   This school is less overwhelming.

Jordan - Reconnect, Reengagement

The teachers at Fr Don have been very supportive and have given me constant motivation to keep me on track.   Thanks to Fr Don I was able to finish and have been accepted into college. 

Jacob - Reengagement