Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-666-1146.

Name Title Phone Extension
Mr. C. Cuddy Principal 57250
Ms. K. Zupan Vice-Principal 57200

Ms. A. Berghello

Senior Administrative Assistant 57250
Ms. H. Lyon Guidance Curriculum Chair 57256
Ms. D. Ste. Marie Program Support Curriculum Chair 57255
Ms. S. Kydd Child Youth Counselor 57251
Ms. T. Muschett Social Worker 57201
Mr. N. Colombe Teacher (CRT) 57108
Ms. R. Zielinski Teacher (Reconnect/Student Success) 40277
Mr. T. Plommer Teacher (ASAD/Reconnect)  
Mr. C. Goddard Teacher (Reconnect)  
Ms. T. Baglole Teacher (CFS)  
Mr. M. Drake Teacher (CFS)  
Ms. B. Hunter Teacher (Project Search)